Friday, 9 November 2012

Odd Views of East Carleton Church

In my job, I often see things from unusual angles.  This is the single bell of East Carleton Church, seen from a tiny, dusty platform half way up the belfry.  All churches are inspected every five years, and this involves climbing around every nook and cranny, onto the roof and into the crypt (occasionally).  The bell seen here is  dated 1620, but was rehung when the tower was increased in height in the 1880s.  Bells are expensive and are rarely renewed unless they are damaged.  This one has been dinging away for nearly four hundred years.

The churchyard is full of monuments. This one is in the north east corner, shrouded by bushes and trees, and once had railings and a gate to its own little enclosure.  Now, it is gently collapsing and fading away.  

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